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Tired of Your Old Bathroom?

 Remodel That old Bathroom and Turn it Into A Beautiful Space With Expert Installation!

  Your home is probably your single largest material investment, so when it comes to a bathroom remodel, the worst thing that you can do is mask it and make it worse by using fiberglass or recycled plastic wall systems. Those types of systems are expensive, and they won’t last! That’s why we’re not just a company who covers up old mildew smell or covers up the old tile and grout with those cheap systems. We will replace your old bath with new products that are 100% waterproof and they’ll last a lifetime!

Whether you’re looking at a tub to shower conversion, shower to tub conversion, or just replacing your existing tub/shower, we are the experts that you can trust! 

With an array of styles, options, and colors for you to choose from, you will transform it into your own personal oasis that you use to relax and get away from the stresses of life. That old outdated bathroom you dread will soon be thing of the past!

Bathroom Remodeling - Is Your Bathroom Old and Worn Out?

Tired of that gross smell that’s constantly lingering in your bathroom? Tired of your shower/tub that just won’t come clean or even stay clean? Well we can help! Some of the bathrooms we’ve saved started out in rough shape as you can see from the pictures below… but we’ve rescued them and turned them into “ spa like” showers as one customer put it. The bathroom was completely transformed after we were done, and she couldn’t believe that it was the same shower! 

Old Worn Out Bathrooms:

What Our Customers Say About Us.

 “Colorado Bath was able to transform this bathroom into a spa like bathroom, by the way it looks and feels, walking into the bathroom. I’m blown away!  I walk into my “walk in” style shower every day and think, “I can’t believe this is my bathroom!” ~Vicki Haun~

From Simple to Complex Bathroom Remodeling We Have You Covered

We use beautiful porcelain tile by Laminam for every installation. Our install process eliminates 95% of all grout lines to ensure a lifetime of service. No more cleaning or sealing of grout!

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We are Colorado’s #1 Bathroom Remodel Company!

Five Star Bathroom Remodeling

We know how important it is to get an installation done right the first time. That’s why we have expert installers that are factory certified…we guarantee a Five Star installation!


What is a Five Star Installation? 

Things like; 

      – We give a guaranteed date for when your remodel will be complete.

– Not Starting your project until all products are on site and ready to be installed. This is to ensure we won’t be delayed, waiting on something to ship or arrive. We want our expert installers to rock ‘n roll on day one!

– Installers on your job daily, working hard to get your job completed. Their number one priority is you!

– Certified and verified installation by our install managers.

– Certified installers on ever job.


This is not to say that we’re perfect and don’t make mistakes, because we do. 

But we correct those mistakes and make it right!


20+ Years of Experience

After 20+ years of experience, we know the importance of having high quality products with a Lifetime Warranty! That’s why we teamed up with Delta Faucets, Crossville Studios, and Schluter Systems, not only do we stand behind their products but more importantly, they do too. 

Our waterproofing system comprises of Schluter Systems “Kerdi Board”, this waterproofing system is crucial to the install. Not only does it waterproof the wet area of your shower/tub, but it serves as a backer for our beautiful Non-Porous Ceramic tile. We use ceramic tile from Crossville Studios and it eliminates 95% of all traditional grout lines. Traditional Grout is made from sand, which means it breaks down from moisture and that turns into mold and mildew buildup behind your walls.

 With our waterproofing system and our ceramic tile, it eliminates the mold and the grout lines, making it virtually maintenance free!

 Our tile also comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and patterns to choose from, no more boring plain white tiles! You can trust that the install process was done right with our expert installation crews. These guys are factory certified and have to go through lots of training to be able to earn the title of “Installation Expert”. We train our guys to do the job right, but if anything happens after an installation, Colorado Bath warranties all products and installation processes for as long as you own the home. Period! 

High Quality Products With A Lifetime Warranty.

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